October 2, 2020 – UnionBank GlobalLinker and Resellee have entered into a strategic partnership that provides UnionBank GlobalLinker 50,000 Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with the ability to sell and earn using the Resellee platform.
The agreement brings together two powerful service providers serving the Filipino business sector: UnionBank GlobalLinker, the network with over 300,000+ MSMEs, and Resellee, Southeast Asia’s #1 social e-commerce mobile application.

“Going online is the first major step for businesses to thrive on digital, but another thing that entrepreneurs should consider is the extent of efficiency that their tools deliver for them. That is why we made UnionBank GlobalLinker that single destination where they can be productive in the way they interact with colleagues and make use of online business solutions,” UnionBank vice president and UnionBank GlobalLinker lead proponent Dino Velasco said during the launch of UnionBank Globallinker.

Resellee is currently the most trusted reseller platform in the Philippines, with thousands of highly saleable products to share on social media. Resellee is also the official eCommere livelihood platform of DSWD for its Sustainable Livelihood Program. With partnerships with several SME driven organizations like Hapinoy, Mercato Centrale, Department of Agrarian Reform Farmer Cooperatives.

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