Welcome to Resellee, SEA’s first and number one social selling app! Resellee is the primary platform to buy and sell fresh goods, grocery items, prepaid loads, personal care products, and many others. Resellee’s goal is to help people start their own eCommerce business with zero capital.  

What Is Resellee?

Resellee is a shopping mobile application for individuals and businesses to buy and sell goods using the dropshipping model, wherein businesses help each other sell each other’s products.

Why choose Resellee?

  • Thousands of quality products to choose from
  • Lowest-price guaranteed for farm fresh products
  • Discounts and Rebates available for app purchases
  • Fast and Secured payment 
  • Convenient order processing and home delivery 

Benefits for Sellers

  • Zero-puhunan – everyone can start selling by simply selecting products they want to sell and adding it to their e-commerce store through Resellee mobile application
  • Higher commission as the product rates are coming from direct suppliers
  • Higher earnings with sales as commissions are available per item sold
  • Safe and convenient as you can sell from home at a time that suits you

Benefits for Buyers

  • Lower prices as the sellers are getting their goods from direct suppliers
  • Guaranteed fresh produce as supplies are coming directly from Filipino farmers
  • Stay safe by shopping and receiving your orders at the comfort of your own home
  • Support Filipino farmers by ordering produce from Resellee Fresh

Resellee is a unique eCommerce platform that allows anyone to become a reseller for any product without monetary investment. Start selling now by downloading Resellee App from Google Play: https://bit.ly/33GpA5a

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